Master Plan Potomac Club Update 2022

During 2021, the Master Plan Committee worked diligently to implement improvements to the Potomac Club. They recommended hiring an architect first to develop a design concept, which the Board has now approved. CAMP released two RFPs for architectural and interior design services. Upon evaluating the proposals, the Master Plan Committee will recommend that the Board proceed with detailed design services to progress to the next phase of Potomac Club improvements. 

The Committee's first recommendation for the Potomac Club concerned interim improvements to the fitness center. The Board approved this, and new fitness equipment was procured and installed in November. Be sure to check out the latest equipment in the Potomac Club fitness center
On December 9, 2021, the Board of Directors approved the Master Plan Committee recommendation to renovate the Potomac Club. The key design elements include the following features:
Ground Floor
  • A 3,650-square foot fitness facility adjacent to the interior swimming pool.
  • A repositioned reception desk aligned with the Potomac Club entrance.
  • The design envisions repurposed HOA office and storage spaces, adding a glassed-in conference room, open-area business desks for resident use, and a display case.
  • The existing fitness center will be converted to a multipurpose room, providing access/egress to the outdoor pool, lounge, and eating area, demonstration (indoor) kitchen with access to outdoor patio (equipped with an outdoor kitchen and grills)
  • The existing lower lounge is available as a multipurpose room.
  • Renovated locker rooms
Second Floor
  • Introduce bi-fold sliding door windows in the banquet room.
  • Repurpose and upgrade the existing kitchenette to a functional catering kitchen with a warming oven, and sink.
  • Remove the fireplace and update the foyer sitting area.
  • Renovated game room